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Depending on location, stage-space, budget and task, the JOINT BUNCH play as trio, with piano, bass and vocals, in come cases they add cello or guitar or then they play a full 8-people band.
Luca Sales - Piano, Composition & Arrangements (Royal Conservatory of Brussels)
Cédric Gilis - Guitar (Conservatoire Royal de Liège)
Ben Weis - Bass (Royal Conservatory of Brussels)
Nadja Prange - Keyboard and Vocals
Pit Huberty - Drums (Royal Conservatory of Brussels)
Georges Majerus - Saxophone (Tritone Recording Studios)
Borbála Janitsek - Cello (Conservatoire de Musique de Luxembourg)
Marc Welter - Vocals, Piano, Composition


Marc was born on 5th of October 1967 into a family of musicians (his father was a professional viola player, his mother a life-long member of a choir) and started learning to play the piano at the age of 3. He stopped playing at the age of 15, became a DJ and began touring around Luxembourg for a few years with “The Party Team”… It was during this time that he began composing his own songs and, at the age of 17, he made a first studio recording consisting of 2 songs for a 45-rpm-single, which was released in 1989. Both songs did well in the Luxembourgish top 10. The band was called "Al’n Smacks", Smacks being Marc’s DJ name in the 80's and Al standing for Al Ginter, the percussionist with whom he started the project. Shortly after Marc stopped making music, as he felt it to be incompatible with his private and professional life at that time. He got married, had children, got a job and thought: I’ll do it later! Well… later is NOW! Over all those years, Marc never stopped composing and singing at home, but also never released any of his music and didn’t play it outside his living room. 25 years went by and he ended up being single again. He bought a computer, instruments, and a microphone and started re-arranging all his songs as demos. He began searching for musicians in order to play his music live… a difficult task! It took him a few years, hundreds of hours of work on his computer and many sleepless nights… until...Marc finally managed to find the 'Right' guys. All of them are young, highly talented musicians. During the second half of 2015, 2016 and 2017, Marc Welter’s JOINT BUNCH have been playing gigs in music-pubs, restaurants and bars throughout Luxembourg and participated at “ROCK UM KNUEDLER” as well as “MONDORFFFETE” festivals and are still going strong. The music can be called melodic “pop-rock” with jazzy influences; as Marc’s roots lay clearly in classical music and people like Billy Joel, Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Supertramp, Phil Collins…


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